A group of experienced architects were studying architecture in London. Upon visiting “Big Ben,” one architect questioned the other, “Why is the clock so high? It is most inconvenient. If I were inside a car, it would be very difficult to tell the time!”

His companion explained, “Years ago, the clock was much lower. But its height had to be changed. You see, whenever someone stood by the clock, they would glance at their own watch, and then at the big clock. When they found that their time differed from Ben’s, they would adjust Ben! Eventually, after so many adjustments, the clock broke.

“Now,” concluded the architect, “everyone must adjust their watches to what is ‘high’ rather than adjusting what is ‘high’ to match what is ‘below.’”

—Heard from Yosef Konikov

“Shoot for 100 and you may reach 80. But shoot for 80 and you certainly won’t reach 100.”