The subject of discussion was the idea of “belief verses reality.” A secular educator in Communist Russia was teaching a science and ethics class to her young students. She began her lecture with the claim that whatever cannot be seen, does not exist.

“You know why you can’t see a flying saucer in the sky?” the teacher asked her audience. “Because there isn’t one! And for that same reason,” she explained, “we all believe that there is no G‑d in this world. We can’t see Him; therefore He doesn’t exist.”

A witty student, sitting at the back corner of the room, raised his hand and blurted out, “Does that mean that the teacher has no brain? I mean, none of us can see it?!”

“To the believer there are no questions; to the skeptic there are no answers.”

“The less one knows, the easier it is to convince him that he knows it all.”