1. One must be chaste in all his ways. Thus when he puts on or takes off any garment which covers his body, he should be careful not to expose his body unnecessarily. If possible, he should put on his garments while still in bed.

2. Even in the dark, one should be cautious, for the Lord fills the whole earth, and darkness and light are the same to Him.

3. One should not wear expensive clothes, for this makes him arrogant. Nor should his clothes be dirty. Rather, his clothes should be moderate and clean.

4. The right hand is the more important one in religious ritual. Therefore, in dressing, one should give precedence to the right over the left.

5. In removing clothes and shoes, the left should be attended to first.

6. With regard to fastening shoelaces, the left should be first.

7. Thus, the process for putting on shoes is as follows: put on the right shoe (without lacing), put on the left shoe, lace the left shoe, and then lace the right shoe.

8. A man should be careful not to walk or pass between two women. Similarly, a woman should be careful not to walk or pass between two men.

9. One should be careful not to put on two garments at one and the same time.

10. Men must not utter a single word of holiness with an uncovered head. Small boys too should cover their heads.

11. One may not walk with his head in the air, for this shows conceit. Nor should he bend his head too low, for then he will not see who approaches him. Rather, he should walk normally.

12. A person should be careful not to walk between two dogs or swine. Also, two men should not permit a dog or swine to pass between them.