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Parenting & Education Articles by Other Authors

A selection of articles on parenting and education by an assortment of contributing authors.

If, as the Torah says, humans are similar to trees, then parenting is a lot like gardening. You can read about it in books, but you don’t know what you’re doing until you get your hands dirty.
Your role is not to make your child talk to you, but to create an atmosphere where he feels willing and safe enough to share with you.
Tiferet: When Kindness and Discipline Merge
Frank is the father of a young family He was raised alone by an authoritarian father who administered harsh discipline.
4 Tips from a Single Dad
Since we’re in the same boat, let me suggest some tips that I found helpful . . .
Finding Heroes for Our Children
I was left with a strange feeling that I was out of step with much of America. For my kids don’t know who these celebrities are, and my husband and I have no intention of telling them...
Upshot of an Atrocity
Where there's life, there's chance. Kids are here to learn and grow and do. The idea that there's no trade-off when we lock them inside is wrong. Bubble-wrapped kids get the message that the world is a horror movie, that they are never safe unless their parents are right there to save them...
Thinking Small
Connecting Children Jewishly
How is it that such “great” people could think so big and act so small? Judaism teaches that it wasn’t a coincidence. It was, in fact, because they thought so big—or, rather, because they only thought so big—that they acted so small!
Poorly Parented Parents
What happens to the children of parents who were violent, panic-stricken, depressed or living in an addictive fog?
My Father’s Legacy
I remember those moments, sitting there on my daddy’s lap watching the thumbnail marks gradually spreading over the page. That piece of time is crystallized in my memory. I can still replay the fascination with the idea that those thumbnail marks were creating a permanent presence in my prayerbook; that some essence of Daddy was infused in those rhythmical indentations . . .
It’s just that in my newly configured family, any celebration that takes me away from home has acquired an entirely new meaning—another abandonment of our thirteen-year-old daughter...
Bouncing Through Childhood
Energy is power, and it signifies endless opportunities and possibilities. However, energy, it seems, is not exactly equally distributed among the inhabitants of this good earth...
Daddy, Daddy!
My son was scared. This time, however, he was scared of me. And he had no one else to turn to. How did he react, where did he turn for reassurance? He clung to me, his father, the object of his present fear!
Do You Have a Dark Side?
Are you in a fight with the other guy, or are you facing a struggle between the good and the evil inside your own heart?
Why Do We Send Our Children to School?
Don’t they have the right to know?
Kids have a right to know the objective of the hours they spend in school. Sadly, often the message they get is misleading.
Your Child, Your Tree
When you come to think of it, a child needs the very same things a tree does in order to grow: "earth," "water," "sun" and "air"
Your Children Believe You
The most blessed thing you can say to your children is, "I know you can do it"
In Defense of the Jelly Bean
Should a parent give a child a tangible reward, such as a prize or a food treat, when a child behaves properly, does his homework or helps around the house?
The $499 Dilemma
His cousin has one, his friends have it, but we have no intention of buying him one. How will I explain it to him?
The Kabbalah of Adolescence
Like the moon, your child may be lovely, but he is a reflector. You assert, she believes. You decide, he accepts. You give, she takes. Then comes the chaos of adolescence . . .
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