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Purim Audio Classes

Discover more about Purim in these fascinating classes and lectures on the Purim themes.

The Megillah of Esther - Part 1
Audio | 1:03:18
The Megillah of Esther
Part 1
A detailed chapter-by-chapter overview of the Megillah of Esther sewn together with keen insights and timely life messages--covering an introduction and chapters 1-2.
The Megillah of Esther - Part 2
Audio | 1:06:48
The Megillah of Esther
Part 2
A detailed chapter-by-chapter overview of the Megillah of Esther sewn together with keen insights and timely life messages--covering chapters 3-5.
The Megillah of Esther - Part 3
Part 3
A detailed chapter-by-chapter overview of the Megillah of Esther sewn together with keen insights and timely life messages--covering chapters 6-10.
The Story of Purim
Audio | 54:46
The Story of Purim
More than just a story: What if Esther was not just a woman in history, but a part of your soul, and Mordechai was the other part?
Holiday Basics—Purim
What’s the real reason for eating hamantashen on Purim? Learn the basic customs and a general overview for Purim.
Two Mighty Empires
The story of Purim is best understood within context of its historical circumstances. The Purim saga is a convergence of Babylonian might, Persian arrogance and Jewish faith.
Purim - The Real Story
You've heard the story of Purim -- we all know the basic story. But how much of the story do you really know. Join us in exploring the story of Purim and its application to reality today
Decoding the Megillah’s Message
Unravel the deeper message encoded in the megillah and gain an appreciation for the subtle ideas tucked away inside the megillah’s folds.
Purim – Judaism Take Two
“The people performed the mitzvahs they had previously accepted” - Esther 9:16. By returning to the inner soul of Torah the people revealed a second dimension in Judaism previously unknown.
Purim: Veiled
Audio | 48:14
Purim: Veiled
Part 1
Similar to our masquerading on Purim, it seems that G-d masked himself from getting any face time in the Megillah, why?
Beyond the Gallows
Audio | 53:23
Beyond the Gallows
Part 2
The megillah tells us that Haman schemes to hang Mordechai, the Jew, on gallows of fifty cubits height, what’s the significance of this detail?
Torah Gems - Purim
Audio | 61:31
Torah Gems - Purim
Experience the gems of Purim with the classic commentaries, and a kabbalistic twist.
Talk on Purim
Audio | 1:02:03
Talk on Purim
An insight into the story of the Megillah: The reason why Purim was given its name; the laws of Purim, the reason why the Megillah is the only book in the entire Torah that does not have the name of G-d even once and more.
M-Cast: Purim
Audio | 5:22
M-Cast: Purim
Permission to be (really) Happy
Purim is a festival of boundless joy, but being happy doesn’t always come so naturally. How do we achieve real Simcha—true happiness?
The Rest of the Story - He Would Not Bow
A true story, as told by the Chief Rabbi of Tehran, a participant in the events when Khomeini came to power, in the land of Mordechai and Esther.
The Rabbi who Slaughtered his Purim Guest
A remarkable illumination of the mystifying Talmudic story where a sage “slaughters” his colleague at the festive Purim meal.
To Life, To Life - L'Chaim!
1) Getting acquainted with “Kosher Spirits” 2) The "Real Deal" on Wine, Beer, Scotch & Single Malt Whiskies
Redemption of Purim - Part 1
Audio | 46:55
Redemption of Purim
Part 1: How The Wicked Prosper
The rise and fall of Haman; a deeper look into the source of the holy and the un-holy in the divine will, and on which level each one thrive.
Redemption of Purim - Part 2
Audio | 51:13
Redemption of Purim
Part 2: Purim Transformation
Chassidus teachings offer an analogy to the condition of exile, of a teacher and student who are in the middle of their studies. When the teacher wishes to share a more complex concept, he pauses to prepare the new lesson. It is the maturity of the student that will determine whether the interruption is seen as abandonment or devotion.
The Decree and Salvation of Purim
This class provides a thorough understanding of the deeper reason and root cause for the decree and salvation in the Purim story.
The Inner Megillah
Audio | 46:06
The Inner Megillah
This class illuminates the deeper dimension of the Megillah – book of Esther; why there’s no mention of G-d’s name in the text and the different times for its reading.
Audio | 18:48
Special Halachot for a Friday Purim
An in-depth discussion on the unique halachic implications for a Friday Purim; how is it celebrated in Jerusalem and how to combine the Purim and Shabbat meals.
Purim Insights on the Megillah
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