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A Guide to the Month of Elul

Elul Observances in a Nutshell
Introspection and stocktaking, mercy and forgiveness, sounding horns and whispered psalms, prayer, charity and repentance . . .
What Are Selichot?
Several days before Rosh Hashanah we begin to recite the Selichot, a series of penitential prayers and liturgy.
Day Before Rosh Hashanah
Erev Rosh Hashanah
Annulment of vows, mikvah, Psalms, and no shofar. These are some of the day-before-Rosh Hashanah observances.
Shofar During the Month of Elul: How and Why
And how to confuse Satan
The month of Elul is a month of preparation for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. That’s why Jews blow the shofar (almost) every day of the month.
13 Elul Facts Every Jew Should Know
As we approach the High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur), we prepare for these holidays during the month of Elul.
Elul Workbook
A handy tool for the serious Jew who wishes to come out of the month of Elul a changed person.
Seven Thoughts About Elul to Help Us Turn Inward and Forgive
Welcome to the month of turning inward, the month of forgiveness, the month of spiritual accounting, the month of deepening.
Shofar Over the Internet During Elul?
Due to the pandemic, I’m currently unable to attend service. Can I fulfill this custom by listening to the shofar over Zoom?
7 Tips for Making and Keeping New Year's Resolutions
Here are a number of suggestions to keep our resolutions long-lasting and meaningful.
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