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Elul Audio Classes

Elul: The Annual Report
Like the CEO of a franchise, it is time to present our annual report.
Elul: A Haven in Time
A time and opportunity given to us to better ourselves.
Forgive and Forgive
The month of Elul; Teshuvah time: Forgive and asking for forgiveness from G-d.
If G-d Came to Visit?
The month of Elul is an unusually spiritual time. This is the month when G‑d is more accessible than any other time of the year. What can you do to take advantage of this special opportunity?
An Oasis of Refuge
The first day of the Jewish year is Rosh Hashanah, but the first month of the year is around Passover time. Discover why the two beginnings as we probe the inner meaning of the month of Elul.
Chai Elul: The Life of Elul
The 18th of Elul commemorates the birth of the Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Shneur Zalman, both pioneers in revealing the secrets of the Kabbalah, which brought a new life and energy to Judaism.
Kabbalah & the High Holidays
The Kabbalah’s view on the High Holiday period and the build up there-to during the month of Elul.
Teshuvah: Repentance?
Learn the many meanings of the word Teshuvah - commonly translated as repentance - and how they are all directly interrelated.
The Light of Elul
Days of Mercy and the High Holidays
From the maamar ‘Ani LeDodi’ in Likkutei Torah
Who Initiates, Man or G-d?
The month of Elul
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