A flurry of excitement shook the KToon world last week as pundits struggled to decode the meaning behind GLT. Proposals include:

  1. Getting Lost in my own Tracks
  2. Genuine Lovable Talk
  3. Genuine Love for Technology
  4. GLT-1 is the most abundant Glial subtype of gLutamate Transporters in mutant mice (learned something new)
  5. eGo (look, he got one letter right)
  6. GaLuT (exile, diaspora)
  7. GoLiaTh (no wonder Saul was so afraid of him)
  8. the next pause to take breath (I think this has some numerical correlation somehow)
  9. Go Learn Torah
  10. GeLT (money)
  11. Get Lost in Things
  12. Ground Level Thinking
  13. Depression (depressed people have difficulty with details of anagrams, etc.)
  14. Gooey Liquid Technoguck
  15. Great way to Lose Time thinking of stupid ways to decipher a meaningless anagram

Two skilled detectives, David in LA and Eli in Melbourne, actually determined the author's original meaning: GuiLT. But, of course, that in no way diminishes the value of all other submissions. As Jews, text is reality. Who cares about author's intentions?

Choosing a "best explanation" in the face of such an unexpected whirlwind of submissions lies far beyond my capacity. However, as we await the Passover Edition of KToons (next week), how 'bout this:

Send me your concepts, your ideas, your dreams for KToon scripts. Post them all here. Requirements are simple: They require a prop, allow for lots of action, and provide an opportunity to communicate a life-impacting truth from kabbalistic wisdom.

Note required by the lawyers: Anyone posting their ideas here agrees that what they post will lie within the public domain, excluding, of course, all elements of past and planned KabbalaToon episodes.