In Thanks

Compiling the In Touch is a team effort involving the efforts of many individuals. Deserving of special acknowledgment are my mother, Rosalynn Malamud, for her daily assistance in editing a product worthy of taking pride in, and my wife, Kayli, who has given of her time - and borne with my late hours - to make sure every member of the In Touch fax list receives their bi-weekly inspiration on time.

A chassid does not thank his Rebbe. On the other hand, there is no way to conclude without acknowledging his constant contribution. The In Touch is not “established in his memory,” nor is merely “a way to perpetuate his teachings.” We view it as our way of staying In Touch with him and with the mission he gave us: to prepare ourselves and the world for the coming of Mashiach Now.

Yossi Malamud
Fax A Sicha

Crown Heights, New York
Erev Gimmel Tammuz, 5758