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The Rebbe Relates

Stories and anecdotes that the Rebbe related at public gatherings always attached with a message applicable in our daily life

Giving Advice
When they played, Zalman Aharon, the older son, would sit on a chair and put a hat on his head. He was the rebbe. Sholom Ber would prepare himself and then enter the “rebbe”’s room for a private audience.
When Fire Touches Fire
On one occasion when they were playing "Rebbe and Chassid," Sholom Ber asked his brother, "Rebbe, tell me, what is a Jew?
The Astronaut
"Yesterday, an event took place that had no known precedent in human history: a manned spacecraft approached the moon, orbited it several times, and returned safely to earth. What can we, as Jews, learn from this event?"
Negotiations with a Horse
As he aged, his children suggested that they hire a horse and buggy to take him to Lubavitch, which would allow him to continue his annual tradition.
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