The process of recycling consists of taking previously used items and rendering them fit to be used again. From their earlier usage, these objects contain bacteria that could have a detrimental effect on anything that comes into contact with them. One technique of removing the impurities is to place the item in a sealed room and raise the temperature. The bacteria will be unable to withstand the intense heat and consequently the object will be sterilized and fit to be reused.

We find a similar theme in our personal conduct. When the yetzer tov (good inclination) enters a person at the age of 13,1 he is already “used,” in that the yetzer hara (evil inclination) existed since the person’s birth. Furthermore, the evil inclination asserts that it has authority over the person’s thoughts, speech and actions because it has seniority and has resided in the body longer.

There is a specific solution to this problem: we can prevent the yetzer hara from seizing control of our mental and physical faculties by guarding against its intrusion in the form of foreign thoughts or improper intentions.

This can best be accomplished by temporarily enclosing oneself in the “sealed room” of a synagogue, yeshivah or other place of Jewish study and prayer. In this environment, a person can “warm himself up” with love of G‑d, Torah and his fellow Jew. Consistent “immersion” in this type of setting will facilitate the purification of one’s personal “vessel” from the contamination of the evil inclination, thus enabling the person to fill it with healthy behavior patterns.

Just as one treatment is not enough to purify recycled objects, so too in our spiritual cleansing. Upon arising each morning, one must reestablish contact with the Creator and infuse himself with warmth and enthusiasm in his service to G‑d through the learning of Torah and fulfillment of the mitzvos.

Igros Kodesh of the Rebbe, Vol. 4, p. 302