The body’s state of health depends on the constant flow of the “life-blood,” which is pumped from the heart to all the limbs. When the circulation of this “spirit of life” is as it should be, a person is perfectly healthy, for his limbs are bound together and receive their proper vitality from the heart. However, if there is a blockage that restricts, reduces, restrains or hinders the circulation of the blood and the spirit of life vested in it, then the bond linking the limbs to the heart is broken, and the person becomes ill or dies (G‑d forbid).

Metaphorically speaking, all the souls of the Jewish people are as limbs of the Shechinah14 the dwelling for the divine light which gives life to all of creation. The Shechinah is also referred to as the heart. This teaches us that when souls are bound together and express concern for one another, the circulation and flow of the vivifying divine energy “turns around and around.”

Our sages2relate that the destruction of the Second Temple was due to the sin of causeless hatred and divisiveness. Accordingly, the healing of this “illness” will come about through unbounded love and acceptance of one fellow for another, thus paving the way for the building of the Third, and eternal, Temple.

Tanya, Iggeres HaKodesh, Epistle 31