When people encounter difficult times in their lives, many are spurred to question the existence of a Divine system and master plan for our world. When one part of the world’s structure appears out of sync with the way we understand it should be, we are quick to draw conclusions about the entire cosmos. However, the worlds of physics, chemistry, astronomy or the other natural sciences demonstrate otherwise. There, even the smallest atom is seen to have its own structure and function; every particle of matter is subject to specific laws and is part of a defined framework a cosmic order which is vast and complex.

To highlight this lesson, imagine that you are in a massive building that has thousands of rooms; the furniture in each room is perfectly arranged. However, in one tiny room with strange furnishings, the sense of organization so obvious in the rest of the structure is not immediately apparent. Since the gigantic building and its thousands of chambers can be seen as part of an orderly system, undoubtedly the individual room and its unique furnishings are also part of the overall plan. Although the untrained observer may not at first understand the unusual pattern, with some thought he will come to realize that it must also be a part of the larger system.

Igros Kodesh of the Rebbe, Vol. 13, p. 172