“For the past twenty-odd years, since I had first met the Rebbe, my life can be described as a pocket full of miracles,” says Mr. David Chase, one of America’s foremost businessmen. “And I don’t mean only in my business endeavors. To the contrary, the greatest miracle of them may have been my ability to appreciate the message that the Rebbe conveys. My relationship with the Rebbe has given me and many others a sensitivity to matters which are beyond ordinary mortal understanding. For this reason, over the years, I have committed myself to advancing the Rebbe’s work in many areas and to different people.

“The Rebbe’s directives are so far-reaching and never ending. The Rebbe himself once described his ‘insatiable appetite’ for ongoing Jewish activity. Perhaps it is the Rebbe’s total lack of self-concern and constant devotion to the welfare of others that has motivated me to regard my Lubavitch activity as a cherished labor of love.

“Once, at the annual meeting of the Machne Israel Development Fund, I told the Rebbe how pleased I was to be one of the soldiers in his army.

“You are not merely a soldier,” the Rebbe replied. “You are my general.”

“Some time later, when I came to receive a dollar on Sunday, I received a promotion; the Rebbe told me, “I regard you as a five-star general.”

“I consider it my pleasure and duty to help others benefit from an association with the Rebbe, just as I have benefited in both my business and private life. My activities bring me in contact with many public figures around the world, and I do not hesitate to share my experiences with the Rebbe and with his directives with Jews and non-Jews.

“I often visit my native land, Poland, where I have business interests. Prior to one trip to Poland, I visited New York and asked for the Rebbe’s blessing. The Rebbe handed me an additional dollar, saying: “Give this to a person in Poland who will benefit the Jewish people.”

“Due to my business endeavors, I have various contacts in the Polish government, and I contemplated who would be the proper recipient of the Rebbe’s dollar. One day I found myself aboard a domestic flight with the newly elected President Lech Walesa. I had several contacts with Mr. Walesa in the past, and it occurred to me that I would not be able to find a better person to whom to give the Rebbe’s dollar. I approached him, handed him the dollar, and conveyed the Rebbe’s message.

“Mr. Walesa looked at me thoughtfully. “I sincerely hope I will be able to live up to your Rebbe’s expectation.”

“After this encounter, my acquaintance with Mr. Walesa grew and we became quite friendly. Some time later, Mr. Walesa personally invited me to accompany him on his upcoming visit to Israel. This trip was a major breakthrough in relations between the two countries, and he felt that my inclusion in his delegation would be helpful.

“Though I was not inclined to accept the invitation, I saw this as a further step in enhancing the impact of the Rebbe’s influence on ‘a person who will benefit the Jewish people,’ and I agreed. Mr. Walesa told me he wanted to express the regret of the Polish people for their inexcusable behavior towards the Jews during World War II.

“As a Holocaust survivor myself, I insisted that his statement be forthright, without minimizing the issue or covering it up with bland diplomatic wording.

“Mr. Walesa surprised the Israeli government with his non-evasive statement of regret on behalf of the Polish people. Subsequently, former Prime Minister Shamir was very demanding in several points, including a change in the pro-Arab approach that had been advocated by Poland’s previous Communist leaders and a cessation of arms sales to countries hostile to Israel. Despite Poland’s heavy financial loss, one could almost see the Rebbe’s directive at work as Mr. Walesa agreed to one concession after another.

“Later, I accompanied him on a visit to the Diaspora Museum, where I pointed out the picture of the Rebbe which is displayed there. “Is this my Rebbe?” Mr. Walesa asked bowing his head in reverence. Mr. Walesa’s response was striking. He was clearly impressed and moved by the Rebbe’s intense gaze. He actually lowered his head as if acknowledging his leadership.

“In many other instances, I have been privileged to bring the Rebbe’s message to people who might otherwise not have been exposed to them. The best way we can reciprocate for the good which the Rebbe showers upon us is to express his teachings, ideals, and principles in our daily lives.”