In 1983, the Rebbe expanded his outreach campaign beyond the Jewish community to embrace all of mankind.

He instructed his Chassidim to introduce the world to the Torah’s universal guide to life for all of mankind.

In his talks that year, the Rebbe explained that in addition to its function as a blueprint for Jewish living, there is also a universal side to Torah law: seven principles, addressed to all inhabitants of earth, which establish a code of civilized and moral behavior predicated upon a belief in G‑d.

As G‑d’s “light unto the nations,” it had always been the Jew’s mission to bring all peoples of the world to a belief in G‑d. For many centuries, however, the circumstances of our exile did not allow this to be done. Now, said the Rebbe, is the time to revitalize this long-dormant aspect of our role as a people.

The Rebbe's Correspondence

"Once again, dear Mr. President, it is a genuine pleasure to acknowledge your kind felicitations on the occasion of my recent birthday."

"I was impressed with your meaningful Proclamation of "Education Day, USA" in connection with the Joint Resolution of the united States Congress, and I sincerely appreciate your heading of the roster of signatories to the "International Scroll of Honor" affiliated with it. Its mention of "the historical tradition of ethical values and principles, which have been the bedrock of society form the dawn of civilization when they were known a s the Seven Noahide Laws, transmitted through G‑d to Moses on Mount Sinai," is a clarion call vital to all mankind."

From a letter from the Rebbe to US President Ronald Reagan, May 17, 1987