Monday Kislev 9 5704
Torah lessons: Chumash: Vayishlach, Sheini with Rashi.
Tehillim: 49-54.
Tanya: There is yet (p. 613)...from the created. (p. 613).

Birth of the Mitteler Rebbe in 5534 (1773), and the day of his passing in 5588 (1827). He is interred in Niezhin.

On 9 Kislev 5554 (1793) the Alter Rebbe said a maamar, now part of Chapter 53 of the Sefer Shel Benonim (Tanya), discussing the First Sanctuary. The next day he said Chassidus again - the conclusion of that chapter. The maamarim from Rosh Hashana 5550 (1789) until 10 Kislev 5554 (1793) which included assembled words of counsel from earlier years, were the basis for the 53 chapters of the Sefer Shel Benonim.1