Friday Sivan 1, 45th day of the omer, Rosh Chodesh 5703
Until Sivan 12, inclusively, do not say tachanun.
Torah lessons: Chumash: Bamidbar, Shishi with Rashi.
Tehillim: 1-9.
Tanya: But what is (p. 273)...commandments of the Torah. (p. 273).

"Throw a stick into the air; it will fall back on ikrei, its root-side."1 Our fathers, the holy Rebbes, bequeathed a boundless heritage to the first chassidim, that their sons' children and their daughters' children throughout the generations, in whatever country and environment they may be, will have that "root" - which is the attraction of their "inwardness of heart" to the rock from which they were hewn. At times this element is covered and concealed in a number of garbs. This, then, is the avoda of whoever desires life - to remove these coverings, to establish for himself periods for the study of Chassidus, and to conduct himself in the manner of the Chassidic community.