Shabbat Iyar 24, 39th day of the omer 5703
Bless Rosh Chodesh Sivan; say the entire Tehillim in the early morning. Day of farbrengen. At Shlishi, the Torah-reader says the brachot without being called to the Torah. Say av harachamim (p. 191).
Torah lessons: Chumash: B'chukotai, Shevi'i with Rashi.
Tehillim: 113-118.
Tanya: Ch. 51. To return (p. 265)..has been explained above.) (p.267).

"If you go in My statutes."1 Our Sages interpret the word "if" as a plea,2 in the sense of "if only you would go in My statutes." G‑d's pleading (as it were) with Israel to keep the Torah, in itself aids man and gives him the ability to remain steadfast in his choice of the good. Moreover, " go in My statutes" - the soul then becomes a mehaleich, it progresses.3

* * *

With the advent of Mashiach, there will be revealed the superior quality of the traits of simplicity and wholeheartedness found in the avoda of simple folk who daven and recite Tehillim with simple sincerity.