Why just one?

The impact is immediate.

Like a rope of a thousand strands, every single mitzvah makes a direct connection between the Creator and His universe. Of course, more strands make a stronger rope. Doing Mitzvot together as a team and adding in your mitzvot is exponentially more powerful.

Everyone can do ONE.

It is only human to feel hesitant, self-conscious or even hypocritical to become a “superdoer” without the knowledge or belief in a Mitzvah’s power. Do one. See if you feel what you may not yet know.

It could be the last straw.

Maimonides, the famous 12th century sage, teaches1 us to imagine the world as hanging in the balance between good and evil. One action — YOUR one action — may be all that’s needed to tip the scale towards the good and bring salvation for the entire world!

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