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To Be a Jew



To Be a Jew: 1968

Former Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon describes part of his first Yechidus with the Rebbe shortly after the Six Day War.
Yom Kippur War, Israel Defense Force, Israel, Jewish Survival, Land for "Peace", Lubavitcher Rebbe
The General's Rebbe
A brief overview of the relationship of Ariel Sharon with the Rebbe.
The Military Versus the Politicians
A political decision which brought devastation three years later.
Condolence Letter to Ariel Sharon
I was deeply grieved to read in the newspaper about the tragic loss of your tender young son, may he rest in peace...
Standing Strong!
A message to Mr. Arik Sharon to remain strong in his beliefs, and not to be swayed.
Tefillin for Sharon
A group of the Rebbe's emissaries bring a letter to Sharon along with a new pair of tefillin.