By the Grace of G‑d
Rosh Chodesh Tammuz 5746 [July 8, 1986]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

To the Esteemed Faculty Members of
Cornell University and Ithaca College,
Signatories to Letter of June 1, 1986

Greeting and Blessing:

This is in reply to your abovementioned letter, in which you describe the hitherto highly successful Chabad activities in your community and express deep concern that they be continued, etc.

No doubt you know that the said activities, as also in several other campuses in the region, are conducted as branches of the Chabad organization in Buffalo, under the administration of Rabbi Nosson Gurary. Therefore you have to take the matter up with him, and he will surely give it his utmost attention.

It so happens that Rabbi Gurary was due to visit here these days, which is also one of the reasons why the present letter has been delayed.

At any rate, I was particularly gratified to note how closely you have been involved with the Chabad activities in your community. Your profound concern for the future of Yiddishkeit among your students and in the community at large, gives me the confidence that you, on your part, will do your utmost to ensure the continuation of these activities and their steady expansion.

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I trust you do not underestimate your personal influence that is inherent in your respective prominent positions in the community and, especially among the academic youth. It is a prevalent experience, human nature being what it is, that students are "often" strongly influenced by the example of their professors' everyday life and conduct regardless of the academic field that brought them together. This being so, each of you will surely readily recognize your special responsibility - and extraordinary Z'chus -that HaShem has given you, individually and as a group, to help the young people who are fortunate to be exposed to your influence to reinforce their identity with our Jewish people and its eternal heritage; and, with emphasis on the basic principle of Yiddishkeit that "the essential thing is the deed," to actually strengthen their commitment to the way of the Torah and Mitzvos in their personal life and conduct.

Needless to say, HaShem does not bestow a responsibility on anyone without providing the ability to carry it out in the fullest measure, with joy and gladness of heart.

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A propos of the incoming month of Tammuz, the Geulo month of my father-in-law the Rebbe of saintly memory, I trust you know the history and lasting significance of this anniversary (12th-13th of Tammuz). The lifelong example of his real Mesiras Nefesh that permeated all his activities in his native land and beyond, including the last decade of his life in the USA, is a source of inspiration and strength to all of us who are privileged to be associated with, and continue, his sacred work. Indeed, we have his assurance of HaShem's blessings for Hatzlocho in this, which also widens the "channels and vessels" for HaShem's blessings in all personal needs, both materially and spiritually.

With esteem and blessing, and hoping to hear good news from you in all above,