In World War II, the most evil of men slaughtered, gassed and desecrated, in the most inhumane fashion, not thousands or hundreds of thousands, but millions upon millions of innocent and upright Jews. One can only imagine how many more people of other faiths he was responsible for brutally destroying and annihilating.

Yet, with all the evil and cruelty led by one beast-like individual, and the unspeakable permanent damage caused to so many families and communities for generations, the Rebbe shed some light. He taught us that the mere fact that these tragedies and atrocities occurred should serve as clear evidence for us as to how much more powerful and effective are acts of the opposite nature — acts of loving kindness and virtuous, altruistic deeds.

If one evil man caused pain and anguish of such great magnitude, how much more joy, love and comfort can one individual add to our world.

Likkutei Sichos, Vol. 9, p. 440