This volume contains a free translation of Sichos delivered by the Lubavitcher Rebbe Shlita in the Farbrengens held from Kislev-Adar, 5741, with excerpts from every Farbrengen held during that period. It is the second volume of the year 5741, and it is the eighth volume published by Sichos In English.

The translations are structured to appeal to an English speaking reader who is somewhat familiar with the teachings of Chassidus. The Sichos are not adopted or altered in context, but are presented, with slight changes, in the same form and thought style in which they were originally said. Great effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the translations; however, they carry no official authority. As in all translations, the possibility of inadvertent error exists.

This period is characterized, above all, by the diversity of subjects addressed by the Rebbe. They range from family planning to belief in Moshiach, from the importance of an education based on faith in G‑d to observations on the foundation of law and morality. Many of these subjects have been presented in essay form, departing from the more literal translation of most of the Sichos.

Sichos In English

Purim, 5744