This volume contains a free translation of Sichos delivered by the Lubavitcher Rebbe Shlita in the Farbrengens held from Tishrei-Kislev, 5744, with excerpts from every Farbrengen held during that period. It is the first volume of 5744, and is the eighteenth volume published by Sichos In English.

The translations are structured to appeal to an English speaking reader who is somewhat familiar with the teachings of Chassidus. The Sichos are not adapted or altered in context, but are presented, with slight changes, in the same form and thought style in which they were originally said. Great effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the translations; however, they carry no official authority. As in all translations, the possibility of inadvertent error exists.

A major theme running through the Sichos delivered in this period is that this year is a leap year. The Rebbe explained at length the lessons to be derived from the sun and moon, from the solar and lunar years, and from a leap year which reconciles the two. A further point stressed by the Rebbe was that this year is of the longest possible duration for a year — 385 days.

In addition to translating all of the Rebbe’s addresses of this period, we have, as in the past, presented the Rebbe’s thoughts on various topics in essay form, departing from the more literal translation of most of the Sichos. Two such essays are presented in this volume: Visual Education — concerning the impression visual perceptions can have upon children; Emissaries and their Mission — concerning the obligations which devolve upon emissaries of the Rebbeim in disseminating Judaism and Chassidus.

Sichos In English

Lag B’Omer,5744