1. “And it came to pass on the eleventh day of the eleventh month...” At this time, we have surely “attained [full grasp] of the teacher’s knowledge.” Since this involves Chassidim, in particular, Chassidim of the shul and house of study of the Nasi of our generation, the Nasi of Chabad, this should be associated with the “written law of Chassidus,” the text, Tanya. Afterwards, one should proceed to the “oral law.”

Our Sages stated, “Study is great because it brings about deed.” This study should bring about an increase in the care one devotes to the fulfillment of the mitzvos.

In particular, at present, we are in the final moments of Ikvesa diMeshicha (the period preceding Mashiach’s coming). Indeed, the present moment can be seen as the last moment of exile and the moment that follows, the first moment of redemption.

This will be enhanced by the distribution of money to be given to tzedakah and since, today is the day when we, “attain [full grasp] of the teacher’s knowledge,” a Tanya will also be given to each individual. (Indeed, the Tanya should be considered as the matter of primary importance.)

May we, together with the entire Jewish people, speedily merit the coming of the Messianic redemption when the prophecy, “those who lie in the dust will arise and sing,” will be fulfilled. This will include the Previous Rebbe, the Nesi'im who preceded him — including the Alter Rebbe who composed the Tanya — until the first Nasi, Moshe, who “received the Torah on Mount Sinai” and transmitted it to the entire Jewish people in every generation.

Our Sages declared, “Moshe was the first redeemer, he will be the final redeemer.” Thus Moshe is connected to David, the anointed king, the final redeemer. May this all come to pass in the immediate future.

(The Rebbe Shlita distributed a Tanya which was printed especially for this occasion and a dollar to be given to tzedakah to all those assembled.)