This explains the great blessing conveyed by the verse:1 “And I (Anochi) will certainly hide My face on that day” — i.e., that this concealment comes from the level of Anochi.2 As such, [in truth, this concealment] does not actually hide G‑dliness. For when a person contemplates the inner truth of the matter, he will realize that it is specifically through this [concealment] that a far more elevated level of G‑dliness is revealed than that which can be attained through the motif of revelation….

This concept — that manifold concealment does not run contrary to holiness, but rather becomes a medium for man to relate to the level of Anochi — is revealed through the Divine service of teshuvah.3 For teshuvah transforms willful transgressions into merits.4

(Adapted from Sichos Shabbos Parshas VaYeilech, 5725)