This, then,1 is the meaning of the teaching “Every Jew has a share in the World to Come.” Although the revelations in the World to Come (the Era of Resurrection) are vastly superior to the revelations of Gan Eden, nevertheless, this [loftier degree of] revelation will be [revealed] to all Jews.

By way of explanation: [The revelations of] Gan Eden reflect [merely] the Torah that one has studied in this world. The reve­lation in the World to Come, by contrast, will be the result of the mitzvos that are presently performed. Since, as explained previ­ously, the observance of mitzvos relates to all Jews, “Every Jew has a share in the World to Come.”

This [also] explains why the revelations of the Era of Resurrection will be appreciated by souls as they are clothed within bodies. For the performance of mitzvos is primarily related to the body, as explained above.

[The fact that the revelation of the Era of Resurrection will relate primarily to our bodies, for they are associated with the actual observance of the mitzvos, is not to the exclusion of our souls. On the contrary,] it is possible to explain that the revela­tion of the Era of Resurrection will be appreciated by the souls as well (as they vest themselves within bodies).

To cite a parallel concept: Our sages state, “Great is Torah study, for it leads to deed.”2 The fact that Torah study leads to deed amplifies the greatness of the study itself. {[This relates to a concept] explained in the series of discourses [entitled Yom Tov Shel Rosh HaShanah] 5666:3 When a person’s Torah study is directed to discovering a ruling pertaining to the actual perform­ance of a mitzvah, the person will toil to a greater extent. Accordingly, he will obtain a deeper understanding of the Torah concepts he is studying.}

[To apply this concept to the analogue: Since the soul’s Torah study leads to the body’s performance of mitzvos, the soul will also enjoy the benefits that will be appreciated by the body — the revelation of the World to Come.]

Similarly, the Torah of the World to Come, the Torah of Mashiach, will be characterized by two dimensions: The Torah in and of itself will reach a level of completeness. In addition, we will appreciate the superior quality of Torah that results from its connection to the mitzvos.

[A similar concepts applies in regard to the soul in the Era of Resurrection.] At that time, the source of all the souls will be revealed. In addition, the soul will also receive the revelation that is associated with the body ([that result from] G‑d’s essential choice of the body).

May it be G‑d’s will, that as a result of our deeds and divine service, especially through the service of “spreading forth your wellsprings outward,”4 we will merit to study the Torah of Mashiach, from Mashiach’s mouth, in the immediate future.