Nevertheless, [despite all this concealment,] it is written, "You give life to them all."

The reflection of G‑dly light is drawn down and brings all creations into being from nothing to something, giving them life.

This concept is expressed [in Tanya,] in Iggeres HaKodesh, Epistle 20: "A ray of a reflection of the radiation [of G‑d's light is found] in all beings that were created, formed and made...."

This is a reference to the G‑dly light and life-energy that is drawn down into all creations.

In the words [of the Talmud], "He feeds [the whole world,] from the horned buffalo to a brood of vermin."

This light and life-energy radiates and is drawn down to even the lowest of levels, as it is written, — "If I soar up to the heavens, You are there; if I make my bed in the abyss, behold, You are there."

[This awareness should lead to] a profound meditation on the greatness of G‑d, on how He is drawn down level by level through all the stages of the downward progression of spiritual worlds, down to the level of the lowliest of creatures.

It is within the reach of every man, including the simplest of men, to comprehend this concept, as he beholds the greatness of the Creator.

(The perception of the greatness of G‑d by thus meditating on the multitude of His creations is explained in the above-mentioned maamar [in Torah Or] beginning Vaeira, in the course of an exposition of the verse, — "G‑d is the city of our G‑d.")

Such meditation arouses a tumultuous reaction in one's soul, for it springs from one's own direct observation.

This [descent and enclothement at many levels] comes about because G‑d's light is essentially infinite; hence its unlimited power of expression.

It can descend to the lowest of levels.

Furthermore, wherever it is drawn down and diffused it is not affected nor changed. Accordingly, [the way in which it animates creations is different] from the manner in which the soul animates the body, for the soul is affected by what happens to the body in which it resides. By contrast, the only aspect of the G‑dly light that can be affected by its enclothement in creatures is that [lower] level of life-energy called ko-ach [lit., "power"].

This stems from the vessels of the Worlds of Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah, and these vessels, as is cited in the above-mentioned Epistle [20] of Iggeres HaKodesh, represent "the beginnings of [seemingly independent] existence."

Hence it is possible for them to be changed and affected [by their enclothement in creation].

This is not the case with [that aspect of G‑dly emanation called] "or" - the life-giving light, - because it remains transcendent.

This concept is expressed in a comment of the Zohar on the verse, — "There is none holy as G‑d."

"There are many levels of holiness," says the Zohar, "but none as holy as G‑d."

His manner of holiness differs from the holiness that is found within the order of creation.

Though the latter manifestations of holiness are separate, their holiness lies in the fact that they are not enclothed in creations.

When, however, they are enclothed in creations, they are "grasped" within them — and this causes change.

The holiness of G‑d, i.e., the above-mentioned Or, is different in that it does not [generally] enclothe itself in creations; and when it does, it is not "grasped" [i.e., limited] by them, for it is essentially transcendent.

Physical light provides an apt analogy: it illuminates, while remaining uninvolved in the space it reaches. The light that shines through a red, green or white glass, for example, assumes a different appearance in each case, yet the light itself remains uncompounded and colorless.

Even when it appears to be "enclothed" in the glass, it is not "grasped" by it, but retains its transcendent independence.

In like manner, the Divine light and life-energy that animates creation is not changed or affected. Since the light is by nature infinite, its expression is also infinite: it is drawn down to the last and lowliest of creatures, everywhere remaining uncompounded and unchanged, its very simplicity making possible its endless manifestations.

This is what is meant by the above-quoted statement that "G‑d's infinite light extends...downward without end": it is expressed and revealed even in the lowliest of the lowest levels of creation.