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Chupah: (lit. "canopy"); (a) the canopy under which a wedding ceremony is solemnized; (b) the wedding ceremony
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Kiddushin (17)
Nisu'in (4)
The bride's and groom's preparations for the chupah; the atmosphere that prevails throughout the ceremony; the legal and mystical implications of chupah; and much more.
The why and how for everything pretaining to the procession which escorts the bride and groom to the chupah.
The chupah is a combination of two distinct and complex halachic processes. This article will navigate you through the first part -- Kiddushin.
With the recital of the Seven Benedictions, the couple are utterly united, their souls finally connecting with their long-lost other halves.
The Making of a Marriage, Lesson 3
What is so special about a Jewish wedding ceremony? What makes it different from a trip down to city hall? In this week’s class we explore the mystical significance of the Jewish wedding. Join us as we look at the timeless lessons to be found in every ele...
The Kabbalah of Marriage
The chupah ceremony at the Jewish wedding contains profound mystical meaning and valuable lessons for a lasting marriage.
Everyone knows that Jewish weddings take place under a chupah under the open skies. But no one I ask seems to know why. Is there a reason for this?
The Jewish definition of joy is anticipating the future. We are joyful because we are planning, through hard work, to have a future together...
Understanding Shavuot
On the one hand, using just enough impact to break through a walnut shell, leaving the nut intact, is a supernatural feat. On the other hand, it is only natural for a butterfly to break out of its bonds and leave its cocoon...
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