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On the lifelong journey to get out one sincere word.
The Tzemach Tzedek told Reb Hendel, when he came for private counsel: "Learning Zohar lifts up the soul. Learning Midrash wakes up the heart. Tehillim with tears washes out the person that holds this heart and this soul.” —Hayom Yom, 16 Tevet. One Preciou...
Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 6
The story of a sage assisted by angels in lifting a boulder leads to a discussion of how much can really be accomplished if one only makes a sincere effort. Guest Expert: Rabbi Manis Friedman. (From "Messages" -- Season 4, Episode 6)
She smiled brightly at me. Her smile was contagious. She couldn't contain her excitement anymore and I put down my book to listen...
The Spark of Truth Inside the Shabbat Candles
On Shabbat morning I would sit beside my grandmother in synagogue, and the exhaustion of the week would melt as we prayed. But as soon as Shabbat ended I would go back to my struggle to create a picture perfect life instead of a real one...
An audio recording of a class on Big Book and Judaism - Authenticity
Realness. Authenticity. Sincerity. Are these all lost qualities in our day and age?
One day, Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov arrived in Tarnow. This was before the chassidic master had revealed himself to the world, and he appeared as a simple itinerant, but with a gift for telling stories . . .
There are many details and rituals connected to the various obligations of a Jew. Even when it comes to matters of the heart, such as prayer and repentance, there are many laws and requirements.
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