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Adam Names Animals

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Angelic intellects can perceive the sublime secret essence of each and every creature made by the Creator. And yet the human intellect can see even more.
Question: In Genesis it says that Adam named all the animals. My question is: If you translate the Hebrew literally, does it mean that Adam named the species—i.e., dog, cat, lion, etc.—or did he give them each personal names—i.e., Spot, Fluffy, etc.? Or d...
Are quantum mechanics and Torah complementary?
To what extent does human knowledge and expression shape the reality which it observes and defines?
Hashem commands Adam not to eat from the tree of life and knowledge
Chp. 2 verses 10 - 25: begins with the four rivers that flowed from the garden. Hashem commands Adam not to eat from the tree of life and knowledge. Adam names all the animals. G-d creates a mate for Adam from his rib. He names her woman since she came fr...
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