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When I was with her, my mask was off. And being around the real me was something I realized I don’t get to do very often...
Ingredients to Retain My Identity
To be true to yourself while sitting in your living room is no big feat. That’s what the angels do in heaven, and they get absolutely no credit for that. The trick is to be yourself in someone else’s living room. To remain who you are no matter where you ...
Instead of sweating over what everyone is thinking of you, spend that energy just being a nice guy.
I stared at her intently as I drew closer and waited to see how she would react. Suddenly, the girl looked up, noticed my gaze, and put her hand up to her cheek, “I know, my face is really dirty, isn’t it?”
Alas, it seems that there are times in life where we simply fail to ask ourselves, “How are things with me?” Perhaps it is the passage of time and the business of the moment, or perhaps we may not be keen on hearing our own answer...
All we need to do to leave Egypt is put down the whip. On Passover, the way to become free people is by perceiving and admitting our condition as slaves.
The purpose of Step Four's inventory is not only to be able to identify the character defects that we wish to have removed, but also to become aware of our assets.
My Greatest Lesson From Harvard
So there I was at Harvard's most exclusive garden party, unable to imagine any place higher. And all I was doing was standing there feeling relieved that nobody was noticing me...
If you truly understood what you are and where you stand, how would you feel about yourself? Would you be elated? Utterly inadequate? Both at once? A mystical guide to self-knowledge as the ultimate antidote to depression.
We all should ask this question: Somewhere beneath the vestments I wear and the roles I play lurks the real me, what does he look like? Who is he?
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