Morris met Benny and complained, "Benny, I know you for many years and I always remember to inquire about your family. In all this time you never once asked me how things were with me."

"Perhaps you are right," replied Benny, "tell me, how are things with you?"

"Don't ask!" was the immediate answer.

Alas, it seems that there are times in life where we simply fail to ask ourselves, "How are things with me?" Perhaps it is the passage of time and the business of the moment, or perhaps we may not be keen on hearing our own answer.

There's only so much rearranging a person can do with the same set of variablesEvery once in a while we must take stock of our priorities. The best tool for this type of digging is the word "Why." We spend a lot of mental and emotional energy ordering our priorities, sculpting our lives to meet the goals we've set and trying to actualize the vision we have for ourselves. There is, however, only so much rearranging a person can do with the same set of variables.

So we dust off the transcendent microscope of "why." Through its keen lens we courageously thrust each priority, the worth we have deemed it, its order of importance in the scale of our lives—our very values, relationships and thought patterns.

What if I don't have a good answer to the "why"? What if I ask "why," and I keep asking, and I am forced to admit that my priorities must change and drastically at that?

Then I have put form over matter, I have caught a glimpse behind the mask of my life and allowed my soul's voice to be heard.

Then the fun begins…