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Goldstein, Chaplain Jacob

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Three instructions from the Rebbe during “Operation Urgent Fury”
Flying across Grenada, I receive instructions from the Pentagon to call Lubavitch World Headquarters in Brooklyn.
Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum takes the oath of office next week to become a chaplain in Maryland’s state militia. Like his uncle, U.S. Army Col. Rabbi Jacob Goldstein, Tenenbaum required an exemption to maintain his full-length beard.
Col. Jacob Goldstein, an Army chaplain and Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi, spend the Hebrew month of Tishrei supporting the spiritual lives of Jewish soldiers stationed in Cuba.
26 Cheshvan, 5752 • November 3, 1991
A few years ago I received a letter from you. As chaplain, may G-d bless you to be successful with all the soldiers under your guidance.
Legislators on both sides of the political aisle are pushing for the construction of a national Jewish chaplains’ memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, and judging by a unanimous House of Representatives vote in favor of larger bill containing the prov...
A Chaplain's Recollections of 9-11
Colonel Jacob Z. Goldstein of the New York Army National Guard recalls the fateful events of September 11th as he tended to the spiritual needs at the site of the fallen towers and his experiences during the four and a half months he spent at Ground Zero....
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