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Doctor, The

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Question: In our study group, we reviewed the verse prohibiting a person from wounding his father and mother. Exodus 21:15. A member of our study group was wondering how this applies to him as a Torah-observant doctor. Is he allowed to treat his own paren...
How does he see that he may be holding a heart in his hand, but life is not in his hands, that he can make a man live or die, but has no right over life and death, and has no right to do anything but heal?
I finally learned what it means to be a doctor
Leon Friedman was a Holocaust survivor who wrestled with his memories, suffered depression, and what some would call "survivor's guilt." I saw him frequently for one problem or another; sometimes I thought he just wanted to talk...
The important factors to consider and the important questions to ask when making the first major decision during your pregnancy: where you will give birth?
The fatalist maintains that nothing that anyone does really makes a difference. The activist believes himself to be the master of his fate. The Jew is neither, and both.
A penetrating presentation on the ethical practice of medicine, ultimately addressing questions like: if G-d is the ultimate Healer, why are we permitted to heal, and is the practice of medicine a moral obligation? The entire lecture is ultimately based o...
May your primary work as a doctor be in preventive medicine. But since there are those who, for now, need to be healed, may you merit to utilize G-d’s permission for a doctor to cure, in a good and successful manner. (Collage)
After spending a month at his ill father’s bedside, Dr. Stuart Ditchek had the unique privilege of meeting privately with the Rebbe. The Rebbe brought to light a common connection the two of them shared, and gave him an open invitation to visit. (1986)
Rabbi Steinsaltz discusses the permissibility of a doctor to strike. May doctors who are underpaid and overworked refuse to treat those in need of medicine? He concludes by comparing an approach to medical ethics in which conclusive decisions are made to ...
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