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The Economy: Surviving and surmounting the financial crunch
Discover a wealth of Jewish stories, Torah lessons, and expert tips on maintaining financial stability and overcoming challenges.
Sarah’s Courage: Lesson 4
Pharaoh offers monetary compensation for having abducted Sarah, and she and Abraham become rich. Is becoming rich a good thing or not? Is money the root of all evil? Or can money be good, even spiritual?
We think about it all the time, so here's more to think about: twenty articles and stories on the joys, sorrows, importance, insignificance, nature, function and essence of money -- from the Golden Calf to the credit card
When you’re going about your regular day, it’s easy to forget G-d and let the ego come roaring in.
Is wealth a gift from G-d or distraction from Satan?
The Worship of Money
In this first class of the series, Rabbi Friedman introduces and defines the general concept of idol worship before looking at specific “idols” of American society, starting with the worship of money.
Tzedaka - Lesson 6
Couldn't G-d have just made a world where nobody needed any money. A look at the very spiritual side of economics.
Rethinking capitalism, OWS and 7B
Maybe the whole problem with capitalism is the script we're writing for it. Maybe if we rewrote that script, the same forces that are messing up the world would be fixing it instead...
Sadly, we are influenced by a society that eats not when it’s hungry, but when it’s bored. We are distracted by access, and it’s disheartening, because we are so much more than that...
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