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Cholent: (possibly derivative of the French 'chaude-lent' hot-slow); casserole-like dish prepared before the start of Shabbat and kept warm, usually for Shabbat lunch, developed to avoid the prohibitions against cooking on Shabbat
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Cholent is a culinary delight enjoyed by Jews of all backgrounds on Shabbat afternoon. Sephardic Jews refer to this dish as "chameen" ("the hot dish").
Hands down, it’s the long-simmering stew of Shabbat morning that is its signature staple. A surprisingly strong statement from a 12th-century luminary – incorporated into the menu of the Shulchan Aruch, Judaism’s proverbial “Set Table” of Torah Law – give...
My week is packed with work, family commitments, fitness, a little socializing and time to relax. I don't see where I can fit in spiritual activities. I don't want to burn out, do I?
My cholent is a concoction of: a bow to ancient tradition, a recognition of life's bitterness and sweetness, and deference to my pedigree as a fourth-generation American
The cholent request was, at first glance, innocent padding at the end of the message, yet somehow it seemed hesitant and cautious...
In the 2nd Temple Era, there existed a sect of Jews known as the Sadducees (named after their leader, Saddok). This misguided sect denied the Divine origin of the Oral Law, and lived their lives by their own interpretation of the Scriptures. One of their ...
The dish that long preceded the slow-cooker, and yet is cooked for 24 hours, enabling us to eat hot foods on Shabbat afternoon
Morning prayers, Shabbat meal, a restful and soulful Shabbat afternoon -- these and more in this section which leads you through the Shabbat day
Ingredients 1 cup kidney beans 1 cup navy beans 1 cup pinto beans ½ cup baby lima ½ cup barley 2 meat bones 2 pounds of meat 3 small onions cubed 5 cloves garlic peeled 2 tablespoons salt 1 teaspoon pepper ¼ cup ketchup or tomato cubed 1 bunch cilantro 8 ...
“Why have they stopped crying?” wondered the villager. “Are they no longer hungry?” Then he remembered the cholent . . .
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