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Why We Eat Hot Cholent on Shabbat


Why We Eat Hot Cholent on Shabbat

Hands down, it’s the long-simmering stew of Shabbat morning that is its signature staple. A surprisingly strong statement from a 12th-century luminary – incorporated into the menu of the Shulchan Aruch, Judaism’s proverbial “Set Table” of Torah Law – gives us a taste of just how important serving and eating this traditional delicacy really is! Another medieval manuscript thickens the consistency of its mysterious prominence, as numerous other ideas further stir the pot. Finally, a bag of beans added to the mix, concludes this delightfully flavored offering!
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David Sugarman September 2, 2019

I am mostly a heretic - but I do love cholent. And I truly love the great-aunt who prepared it for me. Your obvious love of the dish and the stories around it brought it all back to me. Thanks, Rabbi. Reply

Jeffrey Austin, TX August 28, 2019

Where in the Towrah does it stipulate Cholent, or that we should not cook? Reply

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