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Isn’t it racist to believe you’re special because you’re Jewish? How is that any different from the Nazi belief in the “superiority” of the Aryan race, for example?
Ingredients to Retain My Identity
To be true to yourself while sitting in your living room is no big feat. That’s what the angels do in heaven, and they get absolutely no credit for that. The trick is to be yourself in someone else’s living room. To remain who you are no matter where you ...
Question: I've now read a few articles on your site that contain the phrase "Jewish pride." Where I come from, pride is a negative trait, and "Jewish pride" seems like something that could only lead to antisemitism. Why is this being promoted? Am I missin...
Prime Minister Menachem Begin, President Carter, and a Stopover at the Rebbe's Court
It was a politically chaotic time in Israel. Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, a member of the Labor Party, resigned, bringing on new general elections. The elections brought dramatic change to the small country. On May 17, 1977, the right-wing Likud Party c...
Question: I'm struggling with the balance between being nice and being a doormat. Just yesterday, I allowed someone to intimidate me into not wearing a kippah in public. Afterwards, I felt bad and vowed to be tougher. I sure was. That night, I got upset a...
Somehow the anonymity of a diverse group of strangers coming together from far and near, opens the channels of communication, awakens sleeping hearts and forges new bonds. Personal life stories begin flowing freely just as the choice wines at each meal...
I still remember arriving the first day. I'd just received my uniform and put it on. After collecting my equipment, I received my M-16; I turned to the commander leading me through all of this and asked, "What do I do with this?"
Rabbi Manis Friedman discusses how 2,000 years of being discriminated against has affected our self-awareness as Jews. How do we heal? How do we stand up, not in spite of our Jewishness, but because of it? What does it mean to be "Jewishly Proud"?
Gmail has recently introduced a new feature called "Mail Goggles." Google hopes that this new test-phase feature will save its users "angst" in preventing email regret.
Nowadays we commemorate the Second Passover by making sure to indulge in some matzah, but simultaneously we are permitted bread and other chametz on the table.
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