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Dina Hurwitz shares the story of her life with her husband, the beloved Rabbi Yitzi, who was diagnosed with ALS as he turned 40 years old. This talk was filmed at a women’s event hosted by Chabad of Talbiya and Chabad of Baka in Jerusalem, Israel (2019).
Though he can no longer walk or speak, and needs assistance with many basic daily functions, he is determined to continue living as he would have before his diagnosis...
#TefillinForYitzi and other good deeds for Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz
Covid has been difficult for all of us. But for Yitzi Hurwitz, legendary Chabad rabbi in California who has continued to maintain a lively social and spiritual life despite grappling with ALS, they have been particularly challenging. Before the coronaviru...
At least 26,000 additional mitzvahs to be done before his 48th birthday
There’s no doubt that Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz is charismatic, and his international fan club seems to be growing by the year. All this despite the fact that he has not uttered a word since the fall of 2013. It’s been seven years since Hurwitz was diagnosed wi...
Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz grateful for ‘stream of pictures and videos’
The voice-synthesized words were tinny but unmistakably heartfelt, as Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz expressed his appreciation for the thousands of mitzvahs done in honor of his 47th birthday. “I would like to thank all of you who participated in the #tefillinforyi...
Unable to speak or type due to having ALS, Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz uses his eyes to communicate and write heartfelt Torah thoughts. Watch him share with us his powerful message of finding purpose even in the most difficult circumstances.
Rabbi Yitzi shares his most recent struggle and his sincere thanks for all who have prayed for his continued wellbeing.
Working on yourself is not only a personal endeavor, but it also has its effect on your surroundings and acquaintances.
A story of heartbreak and hardship, hope and inspiration.
Dina Hurwitz is a proud mother of seven children, whose life was turned upside down when, in 2013, her husband, Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, was diagnosed with ALS. Amid the battle of her husband’s terrible illness and raising her family, Dina courageously inspir...
Living with ALS, there were countless times that I had to be saved on Shabbat.
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