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Aleph: the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, a silent letter, with a numerical value of 1
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Having mastered the building blocks of the alefbet--the vav and the yud--Miri discovers the secret of letter number one: The Alef. It's the secret of making one out of many.
A Point Above, a Point Below
What is an Alef? A point above, a point below, and a line of Torah connecting them.
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Vayikra
The name of this week's portion, Vayikra, means "G-d called out [to Moses]." The letter aleph at the end of the word vayikra is written in miniature size in the Torah. What does the small aleph teach us about how to be both great and humble?
Why is Adam's name spelled with a big Alef and Abraham's with a small one?
Meditate on the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Meditate on the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet
Aleph (also spelled Alef) is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet Numerical value: 1 Sound: silent Meaning: 1. Master 2. teacher 3. wondrous Story The Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi,  1747-1812. The first Rebbe, or leader, of the Chass...
"Beit!" cried the angry little Aleph to G-d. "Beit is a nice little house with a roof and walls to hold out the Infinite Light and a little door on one side to let a trickle in. And You chose that constipated, square-headed letter over me!"
Understanding the deeper meaning to the small Alef in the word Vayikra teaches to know your strengths, but remain humble. (Based on Likkutei Sichos vol. 17 Vayikra)
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