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Or: G-d's Sticky Fingerprints
What's the difference between No-thingness with a capital N and vanilla nothing with a lower case n? What makes one Nothing G-d and the other just nothing?
Three Degrees of Infinity
G-d's greatness, say the ancient Kabbalists, lies in the fact that He can make Himself so small. For just as G-d has the power of infinity, so does He have the power to limit Himself – otherwise, that itself would constitute a limitation. Yet, there is mu...
By Tsvi-Yehuda Saks
Mathematical infinity is a powerful example of science clarifying a deep concept in Torah, and of science supporting a controversial Torah statement about the creation.
Kabbalistic Cosmology
A kabbalistic answer to the age-old philosophical question, "How can a finite creation come into existence from an infinite Creator?" A basic introduction to the esoteric doctrines of "tzimtzum" and "hishtalshelut."
Ki Tisa Parshah Report
Gefilte Fish gives an in-depth analysis of the Golden Calf, explains the importance of not worshipping idols, and complains about the lack of Fresca in the IKS studio.
What are words but representations of things and concepts that G‑d Himself created? Any words we use—even words like “infinite” and “ultimate abstraction”—are meaningful only in the context of our logic, and as such, utterly meaningless when applied to G‑...
By the end of days there will be the awakening of the dead which brings about the question: Will we be obligated in doing the Mitzvot (the commandments) during that time period, and if so how will they be performed.
The phrase "crushing labor" appears repeatedly in the Torah's account of the Egyptian exile and enslavement, in the text of the Haggadah, and in the symbolism of the seder observances. What is crushing labor?
Is there any evidence that the supernatural exists, or has any bearing on our lives? Does the word "supernatural" even mean anything, other than "I don't understand this (yet)"?
Introduction to the Ari's concept of 'tzimtzum'
Introduction to the Ari's concept of 'tzimtzum'
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