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Passover: (a) The seven-day festival (eight in the Diaspora) beginning on 15 Nissan, commemorating the Exodus from Egypt; (b) the sacrifice offered on the eve of that holiday during Temple times.
Passover 2024 will be celebrated from April 22-30
Passover is an 8-day festival celebrating the Israelites' Exodus from Egyptian slavery. The most important event in Jewish history is marked by eating matzah and bitter herbs, drinking wine, telling the Passover story and not eating leaven (chametz).
Your one-stop primer on Passover’s rituals, history, meaning, and more.
A quick overview of the Passover process
A quick overview of the Passover process, from preparing for Passover and the getting-rid-of-Chametz rituals, to all eight days of Passover. The details are in the links.
An overview of the days of Passover in 2023
It’s countdown to chametz-free living. Get the dates, special events and customs related to each day, and even some historical tidbits . . .
A wide selection of inspiring and touching Passover stories, from the ancient to the contemporary.
How many of these important Passover facts do you know?
Oh my goodness, KIWIS! I have such a thing about them! They are one of the most colorful, interesting and just delicious fruits in the world—at least, I think so! Opening one up adds such a splash of color to just about any fruit platter, salad or even......
People are forever asking me where I get my recipes from. The truth of the matter is that Hashem has mercy on me and is the One who is constantly sending me new ideas and sources. This next salad comes from my mother, Mrs. Edith Shachter, who created it j...
Yum — this is a real family favorite! Ingredients 1 large chicken, cut up and skin removed 1½ cups dry or semi-dry white wine 1 large onion, diced 2 cloves garlic, diced 2-3 stalks celery, diced 2-3 tbsp. dried parsley flakes 1 tbsp. paprika or smoked pap...
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