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I was raised Christian, and know how the church feels about it. I’m just wondering where Judaism stands on the issue.
The only thing to be done with sinful behavior is to stop it, to repent for it, and never to return to it. As for the power of desire that leads to the sin, it has significantly more positive possibilities.
What you see is not what you get (Tanya Ch. 27-28)
Imagine if everyone could read all of our thoughts; it may not be much of a blessing after all. Can we truly be joyous knowing our disappointing reality that we at times have negative and ugly thoughts that pop into our heads that may generate feelings of...
New psychology on the human condition
Where psychology has failed, and what is in store for the future. Addressing the challenge of human weakness and guilt, Rabbi Manis Friedman offers a fresh perspective based on the teachings of Tanya (chapter 27).
I have been in irregular contact with a Jewish man for a few years now. He calls me once in a while to chat, and we’ve met a few times in person. I have to say, of all the people I have ever counseled, it is probably his situation that disturbs me the mos...
The evil enclination's strategy makes it clear that it's counter-productive to inspect a shameful thought and be disappointed because of it. The key is to simply let it go. In fact we can actually feel pleased by its arrival…
Dudu shared with us this special story: More than half a century ago, a young woman who was in her late stages of pregnancy was devastated to hear her doctor's verdict. "You must terminate the pregnancy," he sternly warned...
Why does G‑d test some more severely than others? Living a moral lifestyle is relatively easy for some; why did they luck out, and why are the others so severely tested?
Your own imagination can’t burn you, can it? So Rabbi Infinity teaches you how to be the master over your own desires.
How to argue intelligently with the voice of temptation – the kabbalistic approach in dealing with the "yetzer hara."
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