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I've heard that some rabbis have "banned" the internet and consider it one of "Satan's tools." Obviously, however, Chabad does use the internet as a tool to serve G‑d. What does the Torah say about using this medium?
The day the Internet went mad
If artificial intelligence takes over, is this what it will look like? Is it a he, a she, an it, or an us?
Fully immersed in a round of beta-testing that has involved more than 5,000 testers from across the globe and will now be opened to the public at large,’s newly designed site offers a revolutionary new platform.
Getting a Handle on the Internet
A little girl once asked the Lubavitcher Rebbe if nuclear energy was good or bad. The Rebbe, in typically Jewish fashion, answered a question with a question: is a knife good or bad?
Question: Recently, we stopped watching TV on Shabbat. Now my friends are telling me that TV has no place in a Jewish home. I think it behooves a Jew to be abreast of world events, and what better source than the television? Can we really remove ourselves...
The thought of endless hours in the evening without internet access is actually not a relaxing thought. It makes me nervous. It means I will need to be present, completely present, in my life and not my virtual life. And that is scary to me.
The tragic, the horrible, seemingly the worst that can ever happen happened. The internet stopped.
There will be no escape. You will be cruising at 40,000 feet and IMing your spouse, texting your secretary, and shooting off emails to your stockbroker—all while keeping track of your favorite team's score.
It could no longer be avoided. Despite my techno-phobia, the time had come for me to learn a new computer program for my work. "Chana, I'll walk you through the tutorial first thing tomorrow morning," the technical director confirmed our cyber ...
Protecting our children from the dangers of the Internet
Many parents are reluctant to allow their kids to spend time outside unsupervised because they fear “stranger danger.” Yet the strangers can already be in our homes.
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