On Rosh Hashanah, most Jews indulge in sweet foods at their table to symbolize their desire for a sweet year. Problems arise when someone is unable to tolerate sugar and honey for either medical reasons or for dietary reasons. Obviously, we all desire a year filled with sweetness and all manner of delicious blessings, even if we cannot eat the sweet foods that symbolize these blessings.

The question is how to substitute for sugar and honey and yet still have those sweet delicacies that symbolize a sweet year and the answer to this culinary dilemma is to substitute fruit and fruit juices for the honey. I have created numerous recipes that are just perfect for Rosh Hashanah, as well as any time throughout the year. And, if you want something sweet to dip your apple in and you cannot ingest honey, how about some all fruit preserves instead? Yes, it is a break from our traditional ways, but above all, we are commanded to guard our health and that takes precedence over any longstanding customs.

I wish everyone a sweet and healthy New Year.