"Wow," Ben said, "this is some place!" He looked around at the dozens of multicolored slides leading into massive ball ponds.

That Sunday, the Cohen family had decided to visit somewhere that the younger ones would enjoy.

"Sara," Ben said to his sister "do you have my iPod?" Ben loved to watch his little siblings have fun but he realized he might get a bit bored just watching.

"Your iPod?" Sara said trying to remember. "Ah... Yes... David wanted to listen to it in the car."

"You mean little David has the iPod?!" Ben said, as his mouth opened in dismay.

"David!" Ben shouted, trying to catch his little brother's attention. "Please, G‑d, don't let the iPod be lost..." Ben said in a silent prayer.

"DAVID!" he called again. His little brother was about five feet away in the ball pond blissfully enjoying himself, with lots of other noisy children milling around him.

"How could you have let him go in to the ball pond with my iPod?" Ben asked Sara, accusingly. "He will for sure lose it in such a hectic place!"

"It's funny," Sara said "Moses said the same thing..."

"When did Moses lose his iPod?" Ben asked. He was beginning to give up hope.

"Well," Sara said, "the Midrash tells us that Moses asked G‑d how He could give the mitzvot to the Jewish people. Living in this world, with all the excitement this planet has to offer, we would surely forget about them!"

"Good point," Ben said. "David can't be blamed for losing my iPod and the Jewish people can't be blamed for forgetting the Torah in such a hectic world."

"Wait," Sara said. "That's not the end of the story. G‑d said that He will give us the tzitzit. The word tzitzit has the numerical value of six hundred, plus the eight strings and five knots, it adds up to six hundred and thirteen. Wearing the tzitzit helps us remember the 613 mitzvot. So even though we are in an exciting world, the tzitzit help us remember all the mitzvot of the Torah."

Just then, they saw David making his way over to them with the iPod in his hand. "Here is your iPod, Ben," he said. "It almost fell out of my pocket when I went down that slide."

Ben was thankful to G‑d as he stretched out his hand to take back the iPod.

"Isn't it lucky," David said, "that it got caught in my tzitzit..."