"Dan, pass that ball!" shouted David from across the pitch. Uri, the Captain of the team, ran into the pass, gained possession of the ball and quickly made headway towards the goal. With Stan Rimmel in opposition defense Uri knew this was not going to be easy, but knowing it was the last moments of the game he drove forward, kicking the ball right over Stan's head. Not only was it the end of the game, it was his last game as Captain. He was going to get the last goal!

As Uri flew past Stan, catching and controlling his own pass, he spotted Eli from his own team running in from the side, but he kept on moving, dribbling the ball away from his team-mate. From a rather awkward position he slammed the ball towards the goal, closing his eyes at the last moment. Then he opened his eyes: missed!

"If only I had passed the ball. Eli could easily have scored the goal!" Uri criticized himself to his best friend Daniel as they walked home slowly after the game. Daniel remained silent. He understood how Uri felt.

Then Daniel had an idea. "Rabbi Green was telling us something interesting in class today. He was talking about how G‑d told Moses that he was going to die in the desert and that he would not be leading the Jews into the land of Israel."

"Don't depress me!" Uri moaned in exasperation, "That reminds me of me making my team lose."

"I know,' replied Daniel smiling, "that's why I brought it up…".

Uri calmed down and listened to what his friend had to say. "Before Moses dies he says to G‑d, 'G‑d should appoint a man in my place who will lead the Jewish nation, so that they won't be like a flock of sheep without a shepherd', and G‑d tells him to appoint Joshua as the leader after him."

"The most amazing thing about that story is that Moses does not show his sadness about dying", said Uri thoughtfully, pausing to think for a moment. "I mean G‑d had told Moses to take the Jews out of Egypt and to lead them into the land of Israel, and now G‑d is telling him that he will die in the desert. And Moses doesn't get depressed; instead he asks G‑d to appoint another leader in his place!"

"He must have really cared about the Jewish people," said Daniel.

"You know what, Daniel, before you brought this up I felt like just quitting - I didn't want to have anything to do with the football team ever again. But now I know how I will end my time as being Team Captain; I will talk to Coach and make sure he appoints a good Captain in my place. He will win us some games and take our team through to the finals."