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From the Chassidic Masters

The End of Torah
How the last words reveal what Torah is really all about
What did Moses accomplish by shattering the tablets?
Torah in the Winter
Why do we celebrate our relationship with the Torah on Simchat Torah, and not on Shavuot, the day we received the Torah?
Broken and Whole
Why were the broken Tablets preseved in the Holy Ark?
When you find the Infinite, where will you put it? In your broken vessel? It will not stay. In a new, whole one? It will not fit...
Circular Logic
The breaking of the Tablets? I thought we were past that? That was the beginning of the journey, 94 days ago. This was supposed to be its culmination! Are we turning the clock back?
What Was Moses' Greatest Moment?
Which was Moses’ greatest achievement? Taking the Jews out of Egypt? Splitting the Red Sea? Receiving the Torah from G‑d and transmitting it to humanity?
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