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Parshah Columnists

Guest Columnists
A Whole-Hearted Affair
The Torah doesn’t end in a nice tidy way at the end of the Jewish year because life and learning are messy affairs without straight lines and clean edges.
Moses’ Blessing and Jacob’s Blessing
An Essay on V'Zot HaBeracha
Parshat V’zot HaBerachah has two focuses: the blessing that Moses bestows on Israel before his death and the account of his death.
High But Not Too High
You must always remain with your feet tethered to the ground, no matter how much you want to escape.
Don’t Let Your Spiritual Identity Be Stolen
The Meaning and Value of ‘Morashah’
A yerushah is a bequest that can be used any way that the beneficiary chooses. It can be used wisely, squandered foolishly, or simply discarded. In contrast, a morashah must be protected and preserved.
What Do You Think?
I'm a Jew and I'm Proud
Before we roll back the Torah to Bereishit, let us reflect for a moment on Moses' final words: "Fortunate are you, O Israel…"
Parshah Recovery
Starting Over
Our spiritual awakening in Step 12 takes us back to the very First Step; it reminds us how the spiritual lives we now have began out of darkness, chaos and void. It is now our job to once again transform our lives with light, order and fulfillment.
Covenant & Conversation
Staying Young
What was the secret of the undiminished energy of Moses's last years?
Living through the Parshah
Putting People First
Learning effective teaching skills from Moses and Aaron
Would you rather that others are nice to you, or honest with you?
Life's Passages
Our Cycling Path
Vezot Haberacha
Life can be full of cyclical ups and downs, but at all times we need to remember to keep moving forward.
Beyond Speech
Truth or Peace?
On the Haftarah: How We Succeed
For the Haftarah of Simchat Torah, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
We have to take it to a whole new level, each according to his or her ability, making it part of who we are.
Torah Insights
The Inheritance
What is an inheritance, and how does it differ from other forms of acquisition?
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